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Prism( 3D multilayer zirconia block ) The Choice of Artist.

Ixesha: 2021-03-31 I ngxelo:41

Vsmile Biotechnology Co., Ltd offers leading zirconia for dental labs' esthetic series crown and bridge solution.

yethu New Prism 3D is a kind of Full-contour zirconia that is so versatile,it can be used in any situation from singles, bridges with any combination of abutments and pontics, inlay bridges, and screw-retained implants.

To produce this new material we needed to meet four demanding criteria:

1. 57% Anterior translucency for incisors;
2. Totally 9 layers color nature gradient;
3. 1200Mpa High strength to support all bridgework;
4. High fracture toughness to resist chipping.

Safety First, Aesthetics and Strength in one disc.

With no restrictions placed upon the technician, everyone can be an artist!


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