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व्स्माईल हॅपीझिर 3 डी प्लस मल्टीलेयर झिरकोनिया

3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block

3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block Features:

6 layers Multilayer Color

From 43% to 49% Gradient for Transparency

Strength shows gradient from 600Mpa to 900Mpa

Suitable for anterior,crown and 2-3 unit bridge

3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block Indications:





Anterior3D Plus Multilayer Zirconia Block Physical Characteristics:

Sintered density 6.07+_0.01g/m

Hardness 1250HV

Sintering temperature 1500 degree

लक्ष देण्याची गरज असलेल्या बाबी: The direction indicated by the arrow is the incisal.

Used for bridge: Suggestion within 3 units brige

One unit sintering curve:

Three units brigesintering curve:

संपर्क अमेरिका

+ 86 15084896166/+ 98 912 295 2210


जक्सिंग, 8 # लुजिंग रोड, चांगशा, हुनन