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Making Teeth? Let's Creating Art Together

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Vsmile New 3D Pro Zirconia Disc

-3Y to 4Y to 5Y from dentin zone to incisal zone

Until now, dental crown manufacture was a weak link in the restorative arsenal. Traditional ceramic crowns are only layered on the surface, which leaves them vulnerable to unsightly chipping.

Vsmile 3D Pro Zir changes that with a gradient layering manufacturing process that achieves chip-proof construction, This achieves a new level in biocompatibility with strength at the incisal layer very similar to the strength of natural enamel — without the excessive abrasiveness of older products.

It is the strongest, most translucent zirconia material available in the world today. The finest raw materials go into a gradient layering manufacturing process, and a holistic in-lab digital engineering system has been designed to fit into your existing digital workflows to ensure faster, stronger and more cost effective patient outcomes.

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