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Атайын кулактандыруу, Lunar New Year 2019

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Урматтуу баалаган кардарлар,

Our New Year's Day is February 5th. Final shipment of goods from the Vsmile factory will on or about January 30th unless special arrangements are made and likely will not resume until after the 3rd week of February.

In consideration of the annual festivities in China, Vsmile will make all efforts to honor requested ship dates once the shipping company is available.

If you have any questions or a special situation, please contact Vsmile.

Урматтоо менен,

The Vsmile Team


+ 86 15084896166/+ 98 912 295 2210


Джуксинг, 8 # Лужинг Роуд, Чанша, Хунань