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Pandhuan Kanggo Lab Dental Milih Bentuk Zirconia sing Bener

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Most dental practices are switching from the conventional PFM crowns and moving towards the use of zirconia for creating fixed dental restorations. Because zirconia crowns and bridges possess excellent esthetics and are virtually indestructible, zirconia is becoming the most popular material for making dental crowns and other restorations. there are so many brands in the market,Nacera,BruxZir,Sagemax,KATANA etc. you are facing with thousands of series from different manufacturers,trading companies. but how to make the right choice to meet your needs?


Let's following with Vsmile,we deliver you the solutions .



Solid zirconia block ,or "monolithic zirconia" is opaque, it's generally recommended for posterior crowns. solid zirconia contains more stabilizers than high translucent zirconia, making it more durable to withstand forceful chewing and grinding. this material is particularly suitable for patients who may grind their teeth. only minimal clearance is required for this type of restoration, and there is low wear on opposing teeth. Solid zirconia is also very effective for masking highly discolored dental preps, specifically those that have darkened due to previous dental treatments, such as a post and core or a restored dental implant. 


Let's meet our representative products of solid zirconia in Vsmile zirconia famliy which we called  "Blok HT Zirconia"Lan"ST Blok Zirconia",the best solution for posterior crowns,full contour bridge, abutment, inlay&onlay making.


Zirconia UT (49% Ultra High Translucent) , at 700 MPa, is much stronger than porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations and maintains a natural and vibrant translucency.the most important thing for this kind of material is 100% metal-free, a feature that prevents gingival darkening and removes the possibility of exposing metallic margins if gum recession begins. 

They are naturally esthetic, transmit the color of adjacent teeth, and can be matched to any shade, making high-translucent zirconia suitable for bridges up to 3 units in length. 



Wiwitane, mung substruktur putih balung sing bisa diprodhuksi kanggo makutha zirconia, sing bisa uga nggawe masalah nalika nggayuh penampilan sing sampurna kanthi estetis. Nanging, saiki, bahan generasi sing luwih anyar wis dienggo lan bisa digawe kanggo menehi restorasi sing estetis lan sampurna kanthi nyuda untu, ketemu utawa malah nuntut panjaluk pasien kanggo kerja bermutu! Saiki, panjaluk zirconia luwih gedhe tinimbang panjaluk PFM, lan restorasi gaya lawas iki dadi perkara mbiyen.

 After years of hard working,we developed "Blok STCO Zirconia" and "Blok UTCO Zirconia" to meet your different requirements for denture making.

Using Pre-shaded zirconia can save your patients more than three hours since there is no need for shading liquids or drying time. Due to its inherent natural fluorescence in any lighting condition—whether daylight, sunshine or black light—restorations will always look natural. no special fluorescent glaze is required.




Zirconia berlapis luwih tembus lan opalescent, nanging ora kaya zirconia padhet, luwih cocog kanggo mahkota anterior. Sanajan umume digunakake kanggo mahkota anterior, zirconia berlapis uga bisa digunakake kanggo mahkota posterior yen ana cukup reresik. Yen wis trampil, asil estetis sing paling apik bisa diraih. Koruna zirconia sing padhet lan dilapis duwe kekuwatan lan konsistensi sing padha karo restorasi PFM tradisional, nanging uga menehi estetika sing luwih unggul.


Please have a look of these four distinguished fellows: "STML""UTML""SHTML""3D Plus".

you could handle all the indications with their help without exaggeration.


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