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पूर्ण कंटूर Zirconia ब्लॉक के लाभ

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Porcelain inner crown material category:

1. Nickel-chromium alloy

2. Titanium alloy

3. शुद्ध टाइटेनियम

4. Precious metals (gold and platinum, etc.)

5. Cobalt-chromium alloy

6. Glass ceramics

7. एल्यूमिना

8. जिरकोनिया

Advantages of Full Contour zirconia blocks:

1. No black line at the edge of the gums, no pollution to the body, no redness and swelling of the gums.

2. Transmittance matched with real teeth, natural color, no "blue teeth" phenomenon under the light.

3. Compressive strength comparable to metal porcelain teeth.

4. Good biocompatibility.

5. Less molars, retaining the patient's dental tissue to a greater extent.

6. No block on the x-ray, no impact on the skull x-ray, CT, and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Vsmile Dental Zirconia block category:

Vsmile HappyZir zirconia Block for Anterior

Vsmile HappyZir zirconia Block for Full Contour

Vsmile HappyZir zirconia Block for Coping

Vsmile HappyZir zirconia Block Multilayer

Vsmile HappyZir zirconia Block Pre-Shaded

Vsmile HappyZir zirconia Block White

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