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New Arrivel - 3D Prism Zirconia Block Compatible With Roland/Wirland/VHF/imes icore/Arum/Dentium etc


3D Prism Dental Zirconia Disc 

Come true variation in 3 dimension of transluceny,strength and color from cervical to incisal;

Compatible functional and aesthetic all in one block;

Safety first, aesthetic compatible;

Realistic and natural material which come true variation from 3Y to 4Y to 5Y from dentin zone to incisal zone;

In incisal zone, it has crystal of 5Y-TZP which translucency is high,aesthetic is desirable and low abrasion to jaw teeth;



Teknikaj parametroj:

Chemical component and character

Y2O3 Al2O3 Fe2O3 Mn2O3 Akcelita maljuniĝo Chemical solubility
4.5-10wt% 0.05% ≤0.15wt% ≤0.01wt% Monoclinic phase<15% ≤100μg.cm-3

Mekanika proprieto

 denseco              Frakteca forteco Malfacileco (H10)
≥6.05g.cm-3 5MpaM0.5 1250

Indikoj por uzo:

Veneer , Inlay , Coping , Anterior Full Crown , Posterior Full Crown , Planting Full Crown ,Bridge(3 Units) ,Bridge(>4 Units) ,Coping(3 Units),Coing(>4 Units) .


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