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Vsmile HappyZir UT Forskyggede Zirconia-blokke

Vsmile HappyZir UT Forskyggede Zirconia-blokke for Dental Technician

Vsmile HappyZir UT Preshaded zirconia block Features

1. Anterior and Posterior Single Units

2. Full Contour Units/Dental crown

3. High aesthetic restoration

4. Ultra translucent zirconia block

5. Vita 16 shades, no need for coloring

6. 49% gennemskinnelighed, 650MPA

Vsmile Zirconia Blocks Thickness and Color:

HappyZir UT Preshaded Chemical Property

HappyZir UT Preshaded Technical Property

Vsmile UT Sintering Curve

Vsmile Zirconia Blocks Indikation


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