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lThe crystal furnace designed for bantering Draconian. Heating element using high purity silicon molybdenum rods, Draconian without any pollution, and has a high surface temperature, not easy to deformation, the advantages of long life.

lFurnace material made of crystalline mull ceramic fiber is vacuum-adsorbed to strictly control the iron impurity content in the forming process, which can meet the requirements of various rapid bantering and make the crystallization environment of Draconian more pure.

lThis product has been widely used in domestic and foreign workers.

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We are china based dental consumables manufacturer which delivers solutions to the dental laboratories.
At Vsmile, we have a professional sales & marketing team that provides our customers with effective service including inquiry handling, sample preparation, order processing, shipment and documentation. Meeting and exceeding our Customers' Expectations is our goal.
Свържете се с нас днес, за да разберете как можем да ви помогнем да спестите пари всеки месец и да поддържате лабораторията си на върхова ефективност. С професионалната помощ на Vsmile можете да очаквате изключителни резултати.

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