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Fight The COVID 2019, We Are In Action!

Time: 2020-03-26 Comment:44

Helping our customers fight the COVID 2019, we are in action!

We send masks to our customers who lack masks. Helping customers fight the COVID 2019, we are in action!

Today we packed many masks for going abroad, because our regular customers need help. We should give them hands due to they also helped us in difficult times in China. We are not only trading relationships, we are more friends. As the corona virus continues to spread, more and more countries and people are infected.

How to keep yourself safe from novel corona virus? Here we have some tips for you:

1. Try most to stay at home, no matter if it is a stipulation of your government, this is the most effective way.

2. When you have to go out, please must wear face mask and not touch anything in public and not touch your eyes with hands. When you come back home, please wash your hand at least 20 seconds and disinfect coat and shoes with 75% alcohol.

3. When find the affected people, our government will find all the people he have met and contacted before, compulsive demand them to stay at home, after 14 days, if no any symptom related to virus, that means safe.

4. If they are affected and not serious, they can use Chinese traditional medicine or medicine from the hospital, stay in separate room to recover. If not serious, many can recover during this period.

5. Keep good mood and do more exercise to keep healthy and don’t go out often.

By the way, our company has a small stock of masks, if you need, please contact us, we are willing to help you. Best wishes for you!

At last, If you need to order our company's products, such as dental zirconia blocks, milling burs, PMMA PEEK and WAX. You can take advantage of this time to order. Because when the epidemic is over, there may be a backlog of goods, it is recommended that you stock up in advance. Keep enough stock once everything goes well. Start work without waiting for materials.

You can contact us and we are always welcome. Now stay at home, wait for shipment.

Enjoy more time with family and kids. Everything will be fine.

Good Luck to all my friends.

(New product—3D PLUS Multilayer Zirconia block)

Помогаем наших клиентов подготовиться к коронавирусу COVID 2019

Мы в действии

Мы отправляем маски нашем клиентам, которым не хватают маски и ни-где могут покупать. Благодаря ваших помощи, приветов и поддержках, когда Китай провёл самое трудное время, наша страна и сами мы завоевали стадиальную победу.

В таком трудном моменте, мы тоже будем дать свои руки, помогаем то что можем, душевно желаем Вам и вашей семьи, друзьям, сотрудникам здоровья, успешно провести трудный период!

По пропаганде нашего правительства и своим опытам, мы соведуем:

3 НАДО -- Надо ходить с маской при плотной толпой;

         Надо часто мыть урки мылом и не меньше 15 сек.;

         Надо брызгать 75% спиртом на вещи когда домой.

2 НЕ НАДО -- НЕ НАДО выходить из дома если возможно;

            НЕ НАДО пожимать руку или обнимать с чужими.

 Ходить с маской не считает странно, делаете так, можете защищать себя и своих любимых люди.

    Все мгновенно, все пройдет;
Что пройдет, то будет мило.


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