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Sirona Milling Grinding Burs for CEREC MC X, CEREC MC XL, CEREC MC XL

Sirona MCXL Dental Milling Bur

Step Bur 12 step Bur 12S,Step Bur 20, Cylinder Pointed Bur 12S,Cylinder Pointed Bur 20,Cylinder Point Bur 12EF,Cylinder Bur 12 EF For Glass Ceramics/E.Max/Hybrid Ceramic/Lithium Disilicate Grinding;

Finsher 10,Shaper 25RZ For Zirconia Milling.


  • Coating: Diamond Bur

  • Cutting Effect Length: 13.7/13.7/13.23/ mm

  • Shank diameter: M3.5 mm

  • Overall length:  38 mm

  • End type: Center cutting

Main Features

  • This carbide dental burs is designed for use with Sirona MCXL.

  • Approved for Milling: Glass Ceramics/E.Max/Hybrid Ceramic/Lithium Disilicate

  • Specially engineered for precise performance, maximun durability and longer life

  • High milling capacity

We Also Got Zirconia Milling Burs(Finisher 10, Shaper 25RZ) Compatible With Sirona MC XL.


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