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Vsmile Milling Burs Sirona ® MC X5 Compatible

Compatible With Sirona MC X5 For Zirconia / PMMA / Wax Milling
Shank Dia.(mm)
Head Dia.(mm)
CoatingDiamond/Diamond Liked/Uncoated/Rainbow

Compatible With Sirona MC X5 For Emax / Glass Ceramic / Lithium Disilicate Milling
Shank Dia.(mm)
Head Dia.(mm)



1.System machine: Sirona MCX5

2.Coating:CVD Diamond Coated / Diamond Coated / Diamond Liked Coated 

The CVD Diamond is a type of bur where the Diamond is grown directly on the surface of the carbide using methane, heat and pressure. this is by far the best tool for milling zirconia.


1. DLC coating mlling tool can mill 120 to 150 units teeth.

2. DC coating milling tool can mill 300-500 units teeth.

3.CVD coating milling tool can mill 800-1000 units teeth.

4. All our burs are made by the optimal tungsten carbide material and stainless steel.

5.100% compatible with Sirona CADCAM systems.

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