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Vsmile 3D Auto Scanner


Features and functions:                                   

*Dual industrial level Cameras & Projectors
2 outstanding industrial level Cameras & Projector which are characterized by their high precision and resolution, providing excellent durability and stability. Our scanner provides precision and accurate scanning data even after long-time use.

*Blue light scanning technology
Blue light 3D scanning technology is used which is less sensitive to the ambient light, providing high-quality scanning data.

*High efficiency & more details
Excellent algorithm used in graphics acceleration, improves scanning speed and provides more details of scanning data.

*High precision & better scanning image
With higher level cameras and projector, the highest precision is less than 0.010mm, and we have much sharper margin lines of scanning image.

*Fully-automatic scanning
Flexible 2-axis rotating manipulator makes our machines fully-automatic.

*Open system & strong compatibility
Open scanning system, output high quality standard STL data directly, compatible with most CAD/CAM software, like EXOCAD and 3 Shape designing software.

*Well protected package
The machine is well protected by PE-foam in case of delivery damage.

*Highly efficient work flow
We have redesigned a work flow which is based on the working process of Dental labs, in which way users will work more efficiently on our system.


1, Price

Suggest selling price is 6500$, dealer price depends on Quantity

2, Software

A, scan software include and update free

B, exo software do not include but we can introduce buy from our customer, it is about 500$, all version is available and can be customized.

3, Can I use my own computer?

Yes if you match the PC specification:

PC Specifications:
--OS: Win10(64bit only)
--Port: A USB3.0 TypeA for data output
 A USB2.0(or above)TypeA for the dongle
--GPU: nVidiaGTX750 (or above),VRAM 4G(or above)
--CPU: Intel Corei5,Generation 4th (or above)
--RAM: 8G(or above)
--Please closed all the virus defender

4, Warrant

12 Months

5, What projetor and how long can use?

It can use 30,000 hours. 8 hours a day 26 days a month, it can use more than 10 years.

6, Update software and Remote control
This is the update install software which support Spanish already. Please remake calibration after you install the software, and make sure the software install in your own computer disk not our U disk because our U disk space is limited with 8G only.

this is the software for Remote control. If you need remote control from our technician please use this and tell us the code, so we can control your computer easy to check if there is any problem.


+86 15084896166/+98 912 295 2210

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